Our Story

At Figtree Candles we want to help you feel better, naturally.

Founded in 2016, Figtree began introducing people to the amazing scents of our 100% soy based candles and melts. We have been in retail our whole lives, starting our own business has been a dream come true.

Our products are;

All of our products contain plant-derived essential oils and base ingredients. Pure ingredients, straight from nature, are environmentally friendly, healthy and more supportive of the body’s natural breathing, living and healing functions.

We combine pure essential oils with all-natural base ingredients to create 100% all-natural products that are free of parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGS, glycols, petrochemicals, synthetic colours and synthetic fragrances. Look closely at each product label and you will see that we list all the ingredients on the labels. These ingredients are clean and natural; we have nothing to hide.

Essential oils have remarkable therapeutic properties and have been used in traditional cultures for centuries to enhance physical, mental and emotional states of being. Take a moment to love some lavender collected from plants grown at high altitudes in the hills of Provence, or breathe in the benefits rose, distilled from countless rose petals delicately gathered from plants grown in Bulgaria.

Our 100% natural essential oils are distilled from various species of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves and trees. We consider essential oils to be nature’s life force – they capture the powerful healing qualities of the plants from which they are derived. The sad truth is that many essential oils on the market can be nature-identical, synthetic or adulterated in some way, and it takes the real thing in a 100% natural product to be truly effective and beneficial to our health. To ensure we offer only the best quality essential oils available, we source our essential oils from all different corners of the world.


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